Current Students Enrolled in the Program:

2014 Cohorts:

  •  Michael Gottlieb - UBC student - rotation in Aly Karzan lab, GSC, BCCA
  •  Rashedul Islam - UBC student- rotation in Martin Hirst lab, GSC, BCCA
  • Hamza Khan - UBC student - rotation in Fiona Brinkman lab, MBB, SFU
  •  Santina Lin - UBC student - rotation in Steven Jones lab, GSC, BCCA
  •  Rosemary McCloskey - UBC student - rotation in Sara Mostafavi lab, CMMT, UBC
  •  Celia Siu - UBC student - rotation in Wyeth Wasserman lab, CMMT, UBC
  •  Maia Smith - UBC student - rotation in David Clarke lab, BPK, SFU
  •  James Topham - UBC student - rotation in Marco Marra lab, GSC, BCCA
  • Beryl Zhuang - UBC student - rotation in William Hsaio lab, BCCDC




2013 Cohorts:

  •  Dean Attali- UBC student - MSc student in Jenny Bryan lab, Stats, UBC
  •  Lauren Chong - UBC student-MSc student in Christian Steidl and Ryan Morin Lab, BCCRC and SFU
  •  Justin Chu - UBC student - MSc student in Inanc Birol lab, GSC, BCCA
  •  Emily Hindalong- UBC student - MSc student in Sohrab Shah lab, BCCRC, BCCA
  •  Rebecca Johnston - UBC student-MSc student in Christian Steidl lab, BCCRC, BCCA
  •  Kyle Lesack- UBC student - MSc student in Inanc Birol lab, GSC, BCCA
  •  Ogan Mancarci - UBC student - MSc student in Paul Pavlidis lab CHiBi,UBC
  •  Sohrab Salehi - UBC student-MSc student in Alexandre Bouchard lab and Sohrab Shah labs, UBC and BCCRC

2012 Cohorts:

  •  Shaun Jackman- UBC student - PhD in Inanc Birol lab, Genome Sciences Centre. BCCA
  •  Jake Lever - UBC student - PhD in Steve Jones lab, Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA
  •  Sarah Perez - UBC student - MSc in Steve Hallam lab, Microbiology and Immunology, UBC

2011 Cohorts:

  •  Calvin Lefebvre - UBC student -MSc student in Sohrab Shah lab, BCCRC, BCAA
  •  Raunak, Shrestha- UBC student - PhD student in Colin Collins lab, Prostate Centre VGH

2010 Cohorts:

  •  Daniel Lai - UBC student - PHD in Irmtraud Meyer lab, CS, UBC
  •  Emilia Lim- UBC student - PhD in Marco Marra lab - GSC, BCCA
  •  Michael Peabody- SFU student -MSc in Fiona Brinkman lab- MBB, SFU
  •  Casper Shyr- UBC student - PhD in Wyeth Wasserman lab - CMMT, UBC

2009 Cohorts:

  •  Bhav Khaira - SFU student - PhD student with Fiona Brinkman (MBB, SFU)
  •  Andrew Roth - UBC student - PhD student with Sohrab Shah (BCCA, UBC)

2008 Cohorts

  •  Rodriga Goya- PhD student with Marco Marra (GSC, BCCA) and Irmtraud Meyer (CS, UBC)
  •  Andrew McPherson- MSc student with David Huntsman (BCCRC, BCCA) and Cenk Sahinalp (Computing Science, SFU)


A Selection of Student Lab Research Rotations:

•  Data mining to identify groups of genetically-related cancers (with Chris Bajdik, SFU)

•  Identification and characterization of alternative promoters in the human genome (with Wyeth Wasserman, UBC)

•  Identification of conserved cis-regulatory elements in double-stranded 1break repair genes (with Angela Brooks-Wilson,


•  Gene expression profiling of innate immunity (Inimex, Vancouver)

•  Modeling and simulating cell signaling systems by semantic networks (BioCAD, Vancouver)

•  Investigation of nuclear membrane structure in longevity of Caenorhabditis elegans (with Steve Jones, BCCA)

•  Constructing protein interaction maps for Chlamydia genomes (with Bob Brunham, Centre for Disease Control)

•  Correlation of GeMS flanking sequences with GeMS sequence mutability (with Francis Ouellette, UBC)

•  Transcriptional regulatory networks in apoptotic cascade (with Frederic Pio, SFU)

•  A gene discovery tool for SAGE analysis (with Elizabeth E. Simpson, UBC)

•  Gene expression aided phylogenetic foot printing in Caenorhabditis elegans (with David Baillie, SFU)

•  Analysis of co-regulated genes in biomedically-linked pathways and processes (Merck Frosst, Montreal)

•  Identification of regulatory mutations in the SNAP -25 gene in schizophrenia (with Robert Holt, BCCA)

•  Inverse protein folding (with Arvind Gupta, SFU)

•  Computationally predicting cell-surface exposed proteins (with Fiona Brinkman, SFU)

•  In silico search for Salmonella typhimurium effectors (with Brett Finlay, UBC)

•  Detection of regulatory module candidates in sets of co-expressed genes (Merck-Frosst, Montreal)

•  Web services for international crop information systems (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines)

•  Structural differences confer from indels as novel drug targets (with Artem Cherkasov, UBC)

•  Upstream sequence conservation between groups of orthologous vertebrate genes (European Bioinformatics Institute,

    Cambridge, UK)



West Coast Worm Meeting, University of Santa Barbara, California, USA

Canadian Genetic Diseases Network (CGDN) Annual Scientific Meeting. Kimberley, Ontario, Canada

RECOMB 2004, San Diego, California, USA

Pseudomonas 2003 International Conference, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

American Society for Microbiology Northwest Meeting,. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2004 Northwest Crystallography Workshop, Seattle, Washington, USA

Annual Seminar on Human Health Research, University of British Columbia , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Glasgow, Scotland

American Society of Microbiology 104th Annual General Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Swiss Proteomics Society 2003 Congress, Basel , Switzerland

Biology of Genomes Conference, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA

Advanced Systems Institute Exchange, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Chicago, Illinois, USA







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