Bioinformatics Faculty/Mentors

Participating faculty in the program include:

Rafeef Abugharbieh

Electrical & Computer Engineering

David Baillie

Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU

Inanc Birol

Medical Genetics, UBC

Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

David Clarke

Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Colin Collins

Medicine, Urological Sciences, UBC

Prostate Centre, Vancouver General Hospital

Fiona Brinkman

Associate Director (SFU)
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU

Ryan Brinkman

Medical Genetics, UBC

BC Cancer Research Centre, BCCA

Jenny Bryan
Statistics and Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC

Jack Chen

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU

Artem Cherkasov

Medicine, Urological Sciences, UBC

Anne Condon 

Computer Science, UBC

Martin Ester

Computing Science, SFU

Arvind Gupta
Computer Science, UBC

Ghassan Hamarneh

Computing Science, SFU

Phil Hieter
Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC

Holger Hoos

Computer Science, UBC

Steven Jones
Program Director, Bioinformatics
Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

Marco Marra

Medical Genetics, UBC
Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

Irmtraud Meyer

Computer Science, UBC

Ryan Morin

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU

Paul Pavlidis

Associate Director (UBC)

Centre for High Throughput Biology

Psychiatry, UBC

Frederic Pio
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU

Cenk Sahinalp

Computing Science, SFU

Sohrab Shah

Pathology, UBC

BC Cancer Agency

Wyeth Wasserman

Medical Genetics

Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics, UBC

Associate Faculty

Eric Accili, Cellular and Physiological Sciences, UBC

Keith Adams, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC

Sam Aparicio, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, BCCA

Christopher Beh, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Bruce Brandhorst, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  


Felix Breden, Biological Sciences, SFU  

Hugh Brock, Zoology, UBC

Angela Brooks-Wilson, Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

Cedric Chauve, Mathematics, SFU

Andy Coldman, Cancer Control Strategy, BCCA

Veronica Dahl, Computing Science, SFU  

Denise Daley, Medicine, UBC

William Davidson, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Charmaine Dean, Statistical & Actuarial Science, SFU  

Connie Eaves, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Eldon Emberly, Physics, SFU

Joanne Emerman, Anatomy, UBC

Brett Finlay, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC

Randy Gascoyne, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC

Dan Goldowitz, Medical Genetics, UBC

Jinko Graham, Statistical & Actuarial Science, SFU 

Joerg Gsponer, Centre for High-Throughput Biology, UBC 

Qianping Gu, Computing Science, SFU 

Steven Hallam, Microbiology and Immunolog, UBC 

Jiawei Han, Computing Science, SFU  

Robert Hancock, Microbiology & Immunology, UBC

Nicholas Harden, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU 

Nancy Hawkins, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Michael Hayden, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics, UBC

Charles Haynes, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC

Martin Hirst, CHiBi, UBC

William Hsiao, Pathology & Laboatory Medicine, UBC

Kendall Ho, Faculty of Medicine, UBC  

Rob Holt, Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

Barry Honda, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU 

Pam Hoodless, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Keith Humphries, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

David Huntsman,  Genetic Pathology Evaluation Centre, BCCA

Aly Karsan, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC

Rob Kay, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Patrick Keeling, Botany, UBC

Leah Keshet, Math, UBC

Ted Kirkpatrick, Computing Science, SFU 

Michael Kobor, Medical Genetics, UBC 

Ben Koop, Biology, UVic

Jim Kronstad, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC  

Gerry Krystal, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Wan Lam, Cancer Genetics, BCCA

Peter Lansdorp, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Nhu Le, Cancer Control Research, BCCA

Michel Leroux, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  


Matt Lorincz, Medical Genetics, UBC

Calum MacAuley, Cancer Imaging, BCAA

Wayne Maddison, Botany, Zoology, UBC

Dixie Mager, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Brad McNeney, Statistical & Actuarial Science, SFU  

Don Moerman, Zoology, UBC

Ed Moore, Cellular & Physiological Sciences, UBC

Gregg Morin, Genome Sciences Centre, BCCA

Tamara Munzner, Computer Science, UBC

Michael Murphy, Microbiology & Immunology, UBC

Colleen Nelson, Prostate Centre at VGH, UBC

Raymond Ng, Computer Science, UBC

Robert Olafson, Biochemistry & Microbiology, UVic

Sarah Otto, Zoology, UBC

Mark Paetzel, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

James Piret, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC  

Art Poon, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Ann Rose, Medical Genetics, UBC

Miriam Rosin, Cancer Control Research, BCCA

Carl Schwarz, Statistical &Actuarial Science, SFU  

Jamie Scott, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Dipankar Sen, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU 

Elizabeth M. Simpson, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics, UBC 

Michael J. Smith, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Christian Steidl, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC

Curtis Suttle, Earth & Ocean Science, Botony, Microbiology & Immunology, UBC

Nicholas Swindale, Opthamology & Visual Science, UBC

Fumio Takei, Terry Fox Laboratory, BCCA

Peter Unrau, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Chris Upton, Biochemistry & Microbiology, UVic

Esther Verheyen, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, SFU  

Ke Wang, Computing Science, SFU 

Z. Jane Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC 

Andrew Weng, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC

Kay Wiese, Computing Science, SFU  

Mark Wilkinson. Adjunct - Professor -  Center for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Todd Woodward, Psychiatry






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